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Sberbank (Hungary)

Sberbank is a financial institution in the Hungarian market, founded in 1993 under the name Folksbank. And already under the current brand, the bank has been operating since 2013. The main founder of the bank is Sberbank Europe AG.

Trying to meet the needs of its customers, the bank offers comprehensive services, up to the development of complex personalized products.


Types of bank accounts

Personal, corporate.


The Bank opens accounts for legal entities registered in any jurisdiction except North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan and Cuba.

The cost of opening of the account

(bank tariff)

Opening an account for legal entities and individuals - no commission is charged.


Minimum balance - not applicable.

Representative offices 

Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, etc.

Management of the account

Using free Internet banking software.

Bank’s tariffs

Account service for legal entities and individuals – 11,50 EUR.


Intrabank transfers - no commission is charged.


Currency transfers:

- usual – 0,22% (min 4000 HUF);

- express – 0,22% (min 4000 HUF) + 10 000 HUF.

Terms of opening the account 

The procedure of opening the account consists of two stages: the preliminary stage and final stage of opening an account.

The preliminary stage includes the process of collecting and filing your documents which are required for opening an account. The terms of preliminary stage depends wholly on you.

The process of reviewing documents by the bank and making a decision on opening an account takes 5 to 10 business days from the date of submitting documents and forms to the head office of the bank.

Sberbank follows the «know your client» principle and therefore you may be requested to provide any additional information or documents concerning the procedure of opening the account that may take additional time, as well as refusing of account opening without reasons explanation.


English speaking.

Credit/debit cards

MasterCard, Visa.

Other bank’s products

Deposits, loans, trust custody, asset trust management, investments.

Documents for opening an account

Forms for the signing are available in a bank in Budapest (Hungary).  


Documents for the company - it is necessary to provide originals of all statutory documents. If more than 1 year has passed since the company was registered, a Certificate of Good Standing under the apostille is required.


Documents for the account manager:

- original of internal passport;

- original passport (if any);

- confirmation of the address (utility bill not older than 3 months).


Documents for the beneficiary:

- original of internal passport;

- original passport (if any);

- confirmation of the address (utility bill not older than 3 months).

The procedure of opening an account

To begin the procedure, it is necessary to provide high-quality copies of the above documents for sending to the bank for consideration. After their consideration and approval by the bank, we will agree on the date and time of your visit to the bank representative office in the city of Budapest for signing bank forms.

Bank site

For further consultation concerning the terms of account opening in Sberbank (Hungary) please contact our office. We will respond to any questions you may have and will help you open an account in Sberbank or any other bank out of 60 foreign banks you may choose from.