Euro Pacific Bank Ltd. (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

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Euro Pacific Bank Ltd. (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

Euro Pacific Bank is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and has a valid license obtained in this country. Easy legislative system and the strict observance of confidentiality with the dominance of the banking law allow Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to be considered as one of the most successful jurisdictions used in international business processes.

Euro Pacific Bank has significant advantages comparatively with their peers:

- the bank does not grant credits, so investors should not apprehend of bank’s default and they are not at the risk with their investments;

- cooperation with honorable European banks such as Commerzbank AG and Saxo Bank – an undoubted proof of the status of Euro Pacific Bank reliability;

- this is the only bank in the world that issues golden and silver debit cards attached to the accounts in gold or silver. With the help of these cards clients can easily access the internet banking and buy or exchange gold or silver.

- bank is very fast in opening an account and personal presence is not necessary;

- bank offers services for opening an account for broker activity and also special trade platform for brokers.  

Bank is not interested in businesses that are working on the territory of Ukraine or Russia so the company that is willing to open an account has to be incorporated and operate in other countries. 

Types of bank accounts

Personal and corporate accounts.

The cost of opening of the account (bank tariff) 

You can open the account free of charge.

Minimum deposit – 500 USD.

Minimum required balance – 360 USD.

Representative offices

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 

Management of the account

Via phone, Internet banking.

Bank’s tariffs

Transfer fees are determined individually, depending on the turnover and average monthly balances on the account.

Terms of opening the account

The process of account opening consists of the preparatory period includes collecting and providing us with the documents required for opening an account, the preparation and signing of forms, sending documents by courier to the main office of the bank. The duration of this preparatory period depends directly on the client.

The process of documents reviewing by the bank and the decision to open an account takes from 10 to 15 business days following the date when the originals of documents are delivered to the bank’s head office.

Euro Pacific Bank adheres to the “know your client” principle and thus you may be requested any additional information or documents. This may extend the process of the account opening. Bank also may refuse to open the account without any explanations.


English speaking.

Credit/debit cards


Other bank’s products

Deposits, safekeeping, trust management of assets, investment.

Documents for opening an account

Forms for signing are given in the office of Campio Group.


Company’s documents:

- certificate of incorporation;
- memorandum and articles of Association;
- protocol on the appointment of director;
- certificate of shares;
- power of attorney;
- the Certificate of Good Standing if the company was registered more than one year ago;
- resolution from the company for opening an account in bank.

Documents for the account holder, beneficiary, director and shareholder:

- notarized color copy of passport mentioned in Power of Attorney and in the Declaration of Trust (Ukrainian passport data must be translated into English and notarized);

- notarized translation of utility bill no older than 3 months into English; or 2 statements from bank account with time difference in 3 month;

- bank reference of any bank where the attorney/beneficiary has an account (not older than 3 months). Bank reference shall be in English or with notarized translation into English, confirming that you cooperate with the bank not less than 1 years and the bank recommends you as a reliable partner. If you cannot get such a bank reference, an alternative could be a recommendation letter from a lawyer on the lawyer's letterhead printed in English and certified by the professional attorney signed and sealed.

If you open an account for a company with nominee service Campio Group, in this way required only the documents for the account holder and the beneficiary.

The procedure of opening an account

Filling the survey questionnaire and signing bank forms in the office of Campio Group. Personal presence is not required.

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