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About Cyprus

Cyprus is an extraordinary Mediterranean jurisdiction, rich in myths and events. For almost a century, the island was under the rule of the British Crown and only in 1960 received the long-awaited independence. In 2008, the country entered the Eurozone. But that's not what she's interested in. Cyprus attracts entrepreneurs, as it provides a favorable tax regime and the right to buy a company in Cyprus, which is considered one of the financial centers of the world.


The country is not an "offshore", it is a zone with favorable tax conditions for non-resident companies, which are managed from the territory of other countries. Cyprus is one of the most popular areas for registration of foreign companies. This is a combination of European prestige, loyal island taxation and the ability to conduct all kinds of international activities without restrictions.


  • European jurisdiction with a favorable tax environment for non-residents
  • The island authorities hold the image of an open state in front of the FATF and the OECD
  • There are no requirements for payment of the company's statutory capital
  • Jurisdiction is used to create trusts and foundations
  • Opening a business in Cyprus in the form of a Cypriot company or firm allows you to obtain tax residency in the country
  • Opportunity to open a company and bank account in Cyprus without personal presence

The main legislative act that regulates the registration and activities of company is Cyprus Companies Law, CAP 113. There are also other regulations governing the opening of certain types of Cypriot organizations:

  • branches of foreign organizations - S. 347 Companies Law, CAP 113;
  • partnerships - Partnerships and Business Names Law, CAP 116;
  • European companies (Societas Europaea or SE) - Council Regulation (EC) No 2157/2001;
  • trusts - Cyprus International Trusts Law 1992.
Types of companies

A Limited Liability Company, LTD can be registered on the island. 


This is the most popular type of business registration in Cyprus, in the name of which there must be a designation indicating limited obligations, i.e. Limited/Ltd. The use of the terms bank, insurance, royal, municipal, global, etc. in the name is not allowed.


Investment funds, holdings and trust structures are also registered in Cyprus.

Photo 1 - Company registration in Cyprus


  • Statutory fund - at least 1000 EUR. There are no requirements for payment.
  • A shareholder in LTD is at least one natural or legal person, it is allowed to appoint non-residents of the island.
  • The director is appointed by a natural or legal person. LTD must have at least one director - a resident of any state.
  • If a company plans to receive a certificate of tax residency, the company and its director must be residents of that jurisdiction. The company is considered a resident company if it is managed from the island. The main factor affecting the residency of an organization is the tax residency of directors.
  • Only a resident of Cyprus is appointed as the Secretary. It both can be or an individual, or a legal entity.
  • Publicly available information - data about the company (name, location, director, shareholder, secretary, statutory fund). Starting from 2022, the public register of beneficial owners of the companies will be functioning.
  • Cyprus ready-made firms submit two reports every year: statistical and financial. Financial statements are submitted independently of the conduct of business and are certified by auditors. Even if the “offshore” company did not conduct any activity, “zero” reporting is submitted.
  • The legal address of an open company must be located on the territory of the state.
  • A ready-made Cyprus  company cannot carry out banking and insurance without a permit (license).

Resident company of Cyprus pay income tax on all income earned on the island or abroad, and non-resident  - if the profit is originally obtained in Cyprus or the activity is conducted through a Cypriot representative office.

Income tax is 12,5%. The tax is paid on the net profit and the attitude towards the confirmation of the formation of costs is very loyal.

VAT - 19%.


Currency control

Not applicable.


The country has signed agreements with many states, including with Ukraine, therefore setting up a company in Cyprus is a cost-effective solution.


Cyprus is not included in the "offshore zones" of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, therefore it is prestigious to open a small business here even in the form of a so-called "offshore" company (LTD). Moreover, there is the possibility of using a nominee service, which allows increasing the level of confidentiality of the beneficial owner of the company.


In case you are planning to buy an offshore company in Cyprus or a ready-made Cyprus company, use the advice of our lawyers on registration issues:

+38 (098) 737-48-88

We will help you open an "offshore" and register a company in Cyprus or, optionally, in other jurisdiction. Registration of an offshore company or enterprise in Cyprus with Campio Group is easy and profitable.

The cost of registering a company in Cyprus depends on many factors, such as the chosen organizational and legal form, the need for nominal service, apostille of documents, and so on. Therefore, the final price of a Cypriot company is formed individually for each business case.

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