Company registration in Andorra

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About Andorra

ANDORRA’s official form of government is the Principality of Andorra, but de facto Andorra is the republic, located in the West of Europe, covering the southern slope of the eastern Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. In addition to the state Catalan language, citizens of the Principality also speak Spanish, French and Portuguese languages.


The present economic model in the country is stable attractive by its investment climate for international business due to the rates in financial, trade, tourist and real estate spheres.


Foreign Investment Law 2008 has defined more than 200 fields of activities allowing 100% of foreign capital participation (in other cases – to 50%):

  • on-line commercial;
  • multi-languages call-centers;
  • international consulting;
  • design development;
  • scientific research and technological development etc.
Types of companies

The most common types of companies are the following:

  • Societat Limitata (S.L.) – similar to LLC. Minimum statutory capital – Euro 3000. This company could be attractive for small family business.  
  • Societat  Anonima (S.A.) – similar to JSC. Minimum statutory capital – Euro 60000. This type of company is used by large entities with significant quantity of shareholders.
Photo 1 - Company registration in Andorra


Main law requirements
  • Minimum quantity of shareholders – at least 1 natural person or 1 legal entity. No residency requirement.
  • Minimum quantity of directors – at least 1 natural person or 1 legal entity. No residency requirement.
  • Nominal service is allowed, however the director has access to the local bank account with the right of signature.  Therefore it is highly recommended to appoint a director only a person who you can trust.
  • Charter capital shall be paid fully at the beginning of the registration so the bank account needs to be opened in the Andorra bank.

In Andorra legal persons pay corporate tax at the rate of:  

  • local income  of non-resident company – 10%;
  • local income of resident company – 10%.

Purchase of real estate in Andorra – 4%.

VAT – 4,5%.


Not applicable.


The state has signed 8 agreements on the avoidance of double taxation; this agreement has not been signed with Ukraine.


If you are planning to open a company (firm) in Andorra, please contact our lawyers for advice:

+38 (098) 737-88-88

We will help you buy an offshore company in Andorra or any other jurisdiction of your choice on the most favorable terms.

The cost of registering a company in Andorra depends on the chosen form of the company and is formed on a turnkey basis, check the final price with our lawyers.

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