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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is one of the advanced and progressive types of trading business via the Internet. The coronavirus pandemic has made significant adjustments to the global business-building policy and set new priorities: mobile commerce, electronic funds transfers, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, interactive assistants, etc.

Of course, e-commerce had its advantages even before the pandemic, but it was the closure of borders, physical stores, and the suspension of transport that laid irreversible trends in the technological future and made it the largest sector of the electronics industry.

And all these trends can be realized using the example of building a business on the American Amazon marketplace, which is the largest in the world in terms of revenue and market capitalization.

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Before registering an Amazon account, you should determine the basics of the business model:

  • Sales strategy: drop/arbitrage/private label.
  • Account type: individual/legal entity in the US or Europe.
  • Settlement account for payments: choice of payment system or bank.

In order to maintain profits and reduce the tax burden, Campio group recommends registering Amazon with an open company in such low-tax jurisdictions as the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, and Estonia. This will allow for avoiding taxation of an individual's income of 18% (for residents of Ukraine) and optimizes all future tax costs. Each of the jurisdictions has its own characteristics, therefore, based on the category of goods and the geography of trade, we will help you choose the most profitable option for your goals and future business objectives.


  • accessibility of the platform, as more than 190 countries of the world are allowed to register for sale on Amazon;
  • there is no need to rent an office, a warehouse, or hire employees (the platform can provide logistics and storage services for goods);
  • it is not necessary to have your own brand and products;
  • an extensive sales and trade market (more than 10 million sellers and 150 million customers);
  • instant international payments and payments;
  • respectability and brand awareness;
  • minimum starting capital;
  • safety of transactions.
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As part of the launch and support of a business on Amazon, we offer the following services:

  • Opening a company in the USA/Ireland/Great Britain/Estonia (registration, tax and accounting support, reporting) under Amazon business.
  • Opening an account in the payment system (Payoneer, Wise, Mercury) for Amazon trade.
  • Preparation of documents for registration on Amazon, incl. US address confirmation.
  • Creation of an Amazon account on a turnkey basis.
  • VAT services in Europe (receiving VAT, reporting).
  • Advice on starting a business on Amazon.


Self-registration of an account on the marketplace has certain difficulties or can lead to account blocking because you should know all the rules and “checkpoints” of the Amazon system, which is constantly being improved.

What you should pay attention to first of all when registering on the Amazon marketplace:

- unique phone number, email, and IP address;

- account number not used on other trading platforms;

- valid US address (utility) for account verification;

- availability of a contact person for Amazon (preferably with American documents);

- passing verification.

Incorrect execution of one of these points will lead to account blocking and the inability to use the input data in the future, therefore we recommend entrusting the registration process on Amazon to Campio group specialists, who will not only advise on all stages but also help with the necessary documents and procedures.

If you are planning to start your own Amazon business, please contact our lawyers for advice:

+38 (098) 737-88-88

We will help you open a legal and transparent trading business in America, Great Britain, Europe, or any other jurisdiction of your choice.

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