Financial solutions for international agribusiness

Choosing a payment solution for the agricultural sector

For a large-scale agribusiness, a convenient and reliable bank account is not just a necessity but a key element of a successful strategy. It is like a harmonious part of a complex mechanism that ensures the efficient operation of the entire enterprise.

The right financial service partner contributes to fast and convenient financial transactions, optimization of cash flow, and maximum control over the financial sphere. Therefore, an account is not just a tool; it is a strategic resource that should be chosen with particular care.

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Considering this, we offer you the opportunity to explore new horizons for your company with a unique proposal from Payoneer.

Payoneer is not just a payment system. It is the key to global business development for agribusinesses. This company has created individual service conditions for the agricultural sector, allowing for quick and easy account opening, financial management, and global transactions, ensuring reliability and convenience at every stage.

Why is Payoneer advantageous for agribusinesses?

  • Unique details in one account: Forget about the need to open separate accounts in different currencies. Payoneer provides unique bank details for each currency in European, American, and other banks, allowing payments in local currency in the USA, the UK, the EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Mexico, all through a single Payoneer account without additional fees.
  • Individual details of reputable banks: The payment system provides its clients with IBAN numbers from leading global banks such as Bank of America, CITIbank, Banking Circle S.A., Metropolitan Commercial Bank, First Century Bank, Barclays, and others (the choice of the bank depends on the required currency). Thus, in mutual settlements with counterparts, clients see the bank details of the world's most famous banks, enhancing trust in business and such transactions with the company.
  • Easy fund distribution: Pay subcontractors, performers, and suppliers around the world directly from your Payoneer account.
  • Payment with free details: Available payments with free details, including sellers, taxes, advertising, and more. All conveniently and efficiently so that you can focus on the strategic aspects of your business.
  • Simple verification for companies: Opening an account in Payoneer is possible regardless of whether the client (company) already has an open bank account and does not depend on the beneficiary's place of residence, providing a wide range of non-resident clients with the opportunity to use the payment system's services.
  • Global Payment Service: Receive bank transfers from direct clients (B2B) with unique bank details in USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/CAD/AUD/JPY. Use them for invoices and contracts. Your clients will see your details as if you have bank accounts in different countries.
  • Personal manager in Ukraine: Each client is provided with personal VIP advisory support in Ukraine.
  • Special conditions for the agricultural sector: Clients from the agricultural and agricultural sectors receive reduced tariff rates and special service conditions.
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Registration of agricompany and account opening

And for those who want to scale their business and reach a new level, we offer the opportunity to receive a full package of services - from opening an account to registering your agricultural company in Switzerland. With us, you will not only gain access to global financial markets but also a high level of prestige and reputation through registration in one of the most stable economic climates in the world.

Switzerland is not just a registration place but a strategic choice for those who aspire to international recognition, prestige, and success. This jurisdiction is suitable for scaling the agribusiness. Every aspect, from finances to geographical location, contributes to lifting your company onto the international stage. Switzerland becomes the key to your global ambitions, adding the prestige and reputation that attract partners and earn the trust of clients worldwide.


Contact us today and let us elevate your agribusiness to a new level of global business. Our team is ready to provide you with not only financial instruments but also a fully prepared solution for your successful agricultural business.

Choose Payoneer for your agribusiness and unlock new opportunities in the world of finance.

Contact us right now to start your own path to financial success!

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