Virtual office for a foreign company


A virtual office is the implementation of secretarial and correspondent services without being physically located at the place of registration of the company.

This service is relevant for those companies that do not carry out meta registration activities, but want to have local contacts and communications to enhance their image. 

Photo 1 - Virtual office for a foreign company

The presence of a local phone number, address, website, which is included in the services of a virtual office, causes more confidence on the part of contractors and partners with whom a foreign company cooperates.

Thus, this service provides not only an increase in the company's respectability, but also an organized collection and storage of important information and correspondence.


Campio Group has been creating foreign companies for over 15 years and we know exactly how companies should operate in each of the jurisdictions. We will help organize a service, or a complex of all services, including the "virtual office" project for each small or medium-sized business:

  • local number, fax, e-mail or telephony;
  •  legal address in the country of registration of the company;
  • receiving, collecting and forwarding correspondence;
  • services of a foreign secretary, remote storage of documentation or other data;
  • hourly rental of a conference room for negotiations in the country of registration of the company;
  • creation of a business card website of the company on the domain of the desired country.
Photo 2 - Virtual office for a foreign company


For those companies that need, according to the legislation of a foreign jurisdiction, to create a real presence, we offer substance services.

Real economic presence (“substance”) is a set of criteria or factors that guarantee the actual, real (and not virtual) presence of a company under the jurisdiction of a particular state.

If you need virtual offices in Cyprus, the USA, Britain or any other jurisdiction, please contact our specialists:

+38 (098) 737-88-88

We will help you organize the virtual presence of the company in the required jurisdiction, we will provide a virtual office rental at an affordable price, taking into account all the requirements and wishes.

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