Getting a residence permit in Europe

For businesspersons who own companies abroad, it is routine practice to visit Europe frequently, sometimes for quite a long time.  A lot of them, having visited Europe, decide to stay for a long time outside the borders of their country, or there is a desire to see the whole of Europe without restrictions. In such cases will be a profitable solution to obtain a residence permit in Europe. Our specialists will help to arrange all the legal aspects in this situation.

Europe, first of all, is a high standard of living, developed democracy, a global market and the opportunity to profitably run your own business.

An EU residence permit has significantly more advantages than a multiple entry visa.

Photo 1 - Getting a residence permit in Europe


  • obtaining the right to work in the country;
  • the right to free, unlimited movement in the Schengen areas;
  • the possibility of obtaining a loan;
  • the possibility of purchasing real estate, a car;
  • the possibility of obtaining permanent residence after a while and in the future citizenship.

And other, no less significant advantages.

European countries have a positive attitude to the fact that citizens of foreign countries are interested in investing and doing business in their countries, therefore, a residence in the European Union has its own privileges when opening a company or a bank account in the EU.


The price of obtaining a residence permit in Europe depends on the selected country, its requirements and the desired time frame for obtaining (according to the general procedure or urgently), therefore, in order to obtain a residence permit, first of all, it is necessary to decide on these criteria.

If you need help in obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) in Europe, please contact our specialists for advice:

+38 (098) 737-88-88

We will provide all the necessary information on how to obtain a residence permit in the EU countries, taking into account all legal requirements.

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