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Switzerland is one of the biggest financial centers of the world and a trustful and prestigious jurisdiction for opening accounts. There is strict monitoring designed to ensure the stability of the banking system and bank secrecy is codified by law. The confidentiality of information, the quality of service, and the client himself is the top priority, therefore, an account in a Swiss bank is, above all a reliable protection of the financial assets and capital of its owner.

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At the same time, an account in Switzerland is an option only for wealthy citizens, since Swiss banks impose special requirements on their clients in the form of the need to maintain a minimum balance on the account, which in some banks can reach up to 1 million US dollars.

That is why, before opening an account in Switzerland, you must read all the conditions.


  • Sees no issue in visiting the country personally for account opening (in some cases, it may be enough to meet with a bank representative in Ukraine)
  • Suitable for those who are looking for a high level of security of funds and appreciate VIP (personalized) service
  • Can confirm the legitimacy of the origin of their funds and investments
  • Needs a Swiss bank account for the purpose of holding his assets rather than trading
  • Ready to manage the account by fax or phone, since Internet banking in Switzerland is more "passive" (incoming/outgoing transfers are agreed with the bank managers)
  • Ready to invest money in a Swiss bank account, namely to make a minimum deposit (deposit from $5 000) and permanently keep a minimum balance on the account (from $1 000 to $1 million depending on a bank)
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Follow the links to get acquainted with the tariffs for services and the list of documents for opening an account in each individual bank:

For more detailed advice, please contact the Campio Group office, where specialists will answer all your questions:

+38 (098) 737-88-88

We will help you choose a reliable Swiss bank to open a bank account in it or in another jurisdiction specifically for your requirements and goals. Contact us!

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