An account in Latvia

Account in Latvia

An account in the Latvian bank is a European standard of service at an affordable price. Due to the proximity to Ukraine and the Russian-speaking staff of the banks, the country has become popular among businessmen, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens for the purposes of opening foreign accounts.

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Following the entry of Latvia into the EU the banking standards in the country have increased, however opening of an account in the Latvian bank still remains easier and simpler than in other European countries. But, over time, Latvia has tightened the requirements for opening accounts for non-residents and now requires communication with the country (office, partners, counterparties, warehouse, etc.), and sometimes a personal visit to the bank.

An alternative to Latvia is Cyprus, which offers more loyal conditions for opening accounts.


  • To open a foreign account, he can personally visit the head office of the bank abroad
  • Are opening an account with the purposes of conducting a large number of trade operations
  • Expects to manage the account remotely via internet banking
  • Can prove business connection with the country
  • Desire to quickly open an account, and get the account requisites before its actual opening by the bank
  • Do not wish to place a minimum deposit to the account or permanently keep there a minimum balance
  • Want to have an account in the European bank with loyal tariffs for its services
  • Wants to use Russian-speaking banking and have a Russian-speaking manager
Photo 2 - An account in Latvia


In which Latvian bank is it better to open an account for a non-resident (service fees, a list of documents and the possibility of opening an account online, see the links of each interested bank):

For detailed consultation please contact our office, where the experts will provide an answer to all your questions that arose concerning the opening an account in Latvia.

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