An account in Estonia

An account in Estonia

Estonia is probably one of the most stable countries in the European Union with a constant moderate growth of the economy due to its prudent and calm manner. Scandinavian capital of such highly developed countries as Sweden, Finland, Denmark prevails in the Estonian banking sector which also beneficially impacts its stability. The Financial Supervision Authorities in the country very carefully examine and selectively issue the licenses to the banking institutions, so none of the banks in the country went bankrupt over the last 20 years. Estonian banks are also famous for the level of customers’ personal data protection, which is enshrined at the legislative level.

A bank account in Estonia is a desirable tool for saving funds, implementation of any banking transactions from any part of the world where there is an access to the Internet, and having no financial or currency control by other states.

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In general, the accounts in Estonia by their characteristics and advantages are similar to the accounts in Latvia, the only difference being that when opening an account in Estonian bank the account manager must have a travel passport in case the bank asks him to come to Estonia for personal meeting.

If you haven't connection with Estonia and it is not possible to come to the country, an alternative may be to open an account in Cyprus, which allows you to open accounts for non-residents remotely and on more flexible terms.


  • Open an account aiming to carry out a large number of trade transactions
  • Desire to effect payments to the EU countries at a low price
  • Has the opportunity to visit Estonia to open an account (or meet with a bank representative in Kiev)
  • Have good command in Russian in order to communicate with bank representatives
  • Has a real connection with the country (for example, counterparties in Estonia, activities on the territory, office, warehouse, etc.)
  • Expect to actively use the internet banking for account management and effecting all payments on account
Photo 2 - An account in Estonia

Estonian banks

The catalogue of Estonian banks including the service fees and the list of documents for opening the account:

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