Open an account in a Czech bank

Account in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a European jurisdiction that has been valued for the stability of the banking system over the past decades. The Czech Republic has low-interest rates on loans and even lower rates on deposits.

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It is worth noting that in most foreign banks, the account-opening process takes a while. The vast majority of banks aim to get to know the new client and his activities as well as possible before considering working with him. It is possible to open an account faster only in EMIs, in which the process of reviewing documents is more simplified compared to banks.

What makes Czech payment systems an alternative is that they can within both SEPA and SWIFT systems. Opening a bank account in the payment system requires fewer documents and allows customer identification to pass the identification online.


  • It values banking stability and considers it an important factor when choosing a financial institution
  • Who does not see the problem to personally visit Prague to open an account in a Czech bank
  • Who cares about making payments in US dollars. Not many banks today offer such an opportunity. For example, Latvian banks, which have been popular among non-residents for many years, are now unstable with USD, which forced them to look for new options in Europe as an alternative
  • Who has a connection with the Czech Republic. Opening a bank account in the Czech Republic is now difficult for a Ukrainian, since Czech banks currently require confirmation of activities in the country of opening an account and the presence of an office, employees, residence or residence permit, but payment systems are an alternative - they open accounts more simply and remotely
Photo 2 - Open an account in a Czech bank


A list of Czech banks with account opening conditions and service fees are available by the following links:


Other Czech banks mainly provide serves only to residents of the Czech Republic, while for non-residents, including Ukraine, the bank's policy puts forward strict requirements for substance.

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