An account in Austria

Account in Austria

Austria is a country associated with a high standards of living, prestige and reliability, on the one hand, and the high cost of living as well as for accounts opening, on the other hand. It means that an account in Austria is quite expensive to maintain.

Austrian banking system extends beyond 200 years and is considered as one of the oldest in Europe.

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The client’s interests are the highest priority in Austrian bank, that is why non-disclosure of banking secrecy is protected at the legislative level and clients can rely on confidentiality of information.

Due to this, a good environment for doing international business in concealed mode was created in Austria that has been appreciated by prosperous citizen of many countries. Before opening an account in Austria, it is necessary to review the main requirements of the banks.


  • Can afford to put minimum deposit on the account and continuously keep required minimum balance to a maximum of EUR 500 000
  • Expect to increase and keep the funds, rather than to carry out the transactions/transfers
  • Won’t mind managing an account in Austria via telephone and fax, due to the fact that internet banking is passive in the majority of Austrian banks
  • Are not willing to visit Austria for a meeting with the bank, but won’t mind to have a meeting with the bank representative in Ukraine
  • Do not worry about the expensiveness of the account maintenance in Austria
  • Appreciates individual approach and high standards of banking services
Photo 2 - An account in Austria


In these banks in Austria, it is best to open an account for a non-resident:

For detailed consultation please contact our office, where the experts will provide an answer to all your questions that arose concerning the opening an account in Austria.

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We will help you find reliable Austrian banks and advise you where it is better to open an account in Austria or another jurisdiction exactly according to your requirements and goals. Contact us!

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