An account in England

An account in England

England is one of the main international financial centers in the world, which is famous for its reputation and prestige, and which banking system is considered to be one of the oldest in the world.

Photo 1 - An account in England

The account in English bank allows its owner to make payments throughout the world, and even to those banks that do not work with former Soviet banking institutions. However to open a bank account in England for non-residents is almost impossible.

More flexible in terms of compliance and the possibility of remote opening for non-residents of neobanks in Britain are payment systems.


  • Can confirm by documents his registration/residence in England (possession of real estate, residential address, etc.), otherwise the account at the English bank will not be opened
  • Won’t mind visiting England personally for the account opening. But, remotely opening an account with the Bank of England is possible only if you choose the English payment system, they open an account online
  • Are not willing to put minimum deposit on the account
  • Expect to actively use the internet banking for effecting the payments
  • Can officially confirm the origin of the funds
  • Plan to effect payments to the EU countries
  • Have good command in English in order to communicate with bank manager who operates the account in English bank
  • In order to solve all the issues involved with the account in the English bank are willing to exert personal efforts since having your questions answered or a communication with the competent bank employee is unlikely to happen
Photo 2 - An account in England


Banks and payment systems in England, where it is best to open an account for a non-resident (the links provide more detailed information on service fees and the list of documents for opening):

For detailed consultation please contact our office, where the experts will provide an answer to all your questions that arose concerning the opening an account in England.

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We will help you choose a reliable UK bank and open an account in a UK bank or other jurisdiction just for your requirements and goals. Contact us!

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