PKB Privatbank (Switzerland)

PKB Privatbank is a respectable financial institution, which was founded in 1958 in Zurich as Privat Kredit Bank. After the acquisition in 1990 of Geneva's Banque Worms & Cie (Suisee) SA and Privat Kredit Bank Ltd. in Antigua in 1995, the bank changed its name to PKB Privatbank. In the 2000s, the bank continued to increase its capital by acquiring a 30% stake in Milan's Cassa Lombarda S.p.A. and a 100% stake in Swiss Banca Monte Paschi (Suisse) SA.

PKB Privatbank is considered one of the most significant participants in the bond market in Swiss francs. In addition, the bank has established itself as a good partner in asset and investment management, and one of the features of the bank is the provision of services in the Forex market.

PKB Privatbank is guided by the principle of “Swiss Private Banking”, which contributes to the highest level of confidentiality and quality of services.


Types of bank accounts

Personal, corporate (including for offshore and non-resident companies). All accounts are multicurrency.

The cost of opening of the account (bank tariff)

For individuals and legal entities - non-residents - free of charge.

The Bank opens corporate and personal accounts subject to the following down payment requirements and minimum balance:

- for non-resident individuals - 300 000 EUR;

- for legal entities-non-residents - 300 000 EUR.

This amount can be credited to the account within 1-2 months from the moment of activation of the account.

There are no requirements for annual turnover of accounts.

Representative offices 

a. Antigua (West Indies): St. Johns.

Management of the account

Using Internet-banking.

Bank’s tariffs

Annual account maintenance fee (deducted from the account in equal parts every quarter):

- for non-resident individuals - 600 CHF/year;

- for non-resident legal entities - 1200 CHF/year.


Internet banking - 150 CHF/year.

Monthly bank statement - 2 CHF.

Commission for issuing cards for non-resident individuals:

- Premier MasterCard and Premier Visa - 200 CHF/USD/EUR depending on the chosen currency;

- Classic MasterCard and Classic Visa - 100 CHF/USD/EUR depending on the chosen currency.

The bank also charges a fee for providing a bank guarantee, which depends on the limit on the card. The minimum size of such a commission is 200 CHF.

Fee for issuing cards for non-resident legal entities (Direct Visa, Direct MasterCard) - 150 CHF/USD/EUR depending on the chosen currency.


Outgoing payment cost:

- up to 25 000 CHF/EUR – 0,5%;

- up to 100 000 CHF/EUR – 0,25%;

- over 100,000 CHF/EUR – 0,2%.

Outgoing payment in other currencies – 0,5%.

Terms of opening the account 

The procedure of account opening starts with the preliminary stage, which includes the process of gathering and providing documents, required for opening an account. Term of the preliminary stage depends precisely on client.

The decision to open an account is made within 10-12 banking days from the date of submission of all necessary documents to the bank.

PKB Privatbank follows the «know your client» principle and therefore you may be requested to provide any additional information or documents concerning the procedure of opening the account that may take additional time. Bank also may refuse to open the account without any explanations.


English speaking, Italian speaking, French speaking.

Credit/debit cards

MasterCard, Visa.

Other bank’s products

Private capital management, deposits, loans, safes, factoring, asset valuation, leasing, securities transactions, derivatives transactions, investment, Private Banking, fund management, etc.

Documents for opening an account

Forms for signing are provided in office Campio Group.

Documents for the company *:

- originals of all statutory documents;

- Certificate of Good Standing under the apostille;

- Certificate of Incumbency under the apostille;

- notarized copy of the passport of the director of the company under the apostille;

- special resolution for opening an account, signed by the director or secretary of the company and sealed with the company’s sign in one original copy.


Documents for the account holder*:    

- original of national passport;

- original of foreign passport;

- certificate of employment;

- utility payment (receipts for the last 3 months at the time of contacting the bank);

- autobiography (CV);

- description of the source of funds.

Documents for the beneficiary*:

- original of national passport;

- original of foreign passport;

- certificate of employment;

- utility payment (receipts for the last 3 months at the time of contacting the bank);

- autobiography (CV);

- description of the source of funds. 


* The bank accepts all documents in English. Only a notarized type of certification of documents is allowed.

The procedure of opening an account

To begin the procedure, it is necessary to visit the Campio Group office to fill in a questionnaire and check the package of documents for opening an account. In order to open an account, it is necessary to arrange a meeting between company representatives (attorney or director) and bank representatives in the Campio Group office.

Bank site

For further consultation concerning the terms of account opening in PKB Privatbank (Switzerland) please contact our office. We will respond to any questions you may have and will help you open an account in  Swiss PKB Privatbank or any other bank out of 60 foreign banks you may choose from.

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