Citi Bank (England)

Citibank has a rich history, having entered the financial services market as far back as 1812. It was this bank that managed to make a breakthrough in banking and create the world's first ATM.

Today Citibank is part of Citigroup Inc. and serves customers in over 160 countries. Its activities include consumer banking and loans, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services and asset management. The bank works with SWIFT and CHAPS payments.


Account types

Personal, investment, savings (all multi-currency accounts).


Accounts are opened only for personal purposes, a bank card is immediately issued to the account.

Cost of opening an account (bank rate)

The cost of opening an account - free.


The minimum balance for individuals – 200 000 USD. There is no mandatory investment, but it is recommended to invest a minimum balance.


The bank is represented in more than 20 countries.

Account Management

Using the Internet banking software.

Service Tariffs

Account service:

- if the account has a minimum balance not in EUR - free of charge;

- if the minimum balance in EUR -  from 70 EUR/month.


Cash withdrawal limit per day - 2000 pounds. If filmed in the CITI GROUP network, there is no commission.


The guaranteed amount on the account - 85 000 pounds.


Money transfers - free.


Details of the bank's tariffs can be found at the link.

Account opening terms

The process of opening an account consists of two stages: the preparatory stage and the stage of opening an account itself.

The preparatory stage includes the collection and provision of documents required to open an account. The term of the preparatory stage depends directly on you.

The account is opened within 3-4 weeks from the moment of a personal visit and signing of the forms at the bank office. The review period may be extended at the discretion of the bank.

Citi bank adheres to the principle of “know your customer” and in each individual case reserves the right to request additional information or documents, which may lead to an increase in the time for opening an account, and may also refuse to open an account without giving reasons.


Working languages: English, Russian.

Credit/debit cards


Documents for opening an account

Documents for the owner (manager) of the account:

- original of national passport;

- original of foreign passport;

- original of identification code (taxpayer number);

- curriculum vitae;

- original of bank reference;

- original of utility bill (for gas, electricity) from the place of residence no older than 3 months (to prove the place of residence).

The bank also requests documents confirming the source of income (wealth) of the beneficiary. It can be:

a certificate from the place of work indicating salary and statement of personal account, where payroll is displayed;

tax returns;

documents confirming inheritance;

documents confirming money donation, as well as their availability on accounts;

documents confirming the  presence/sale of real estate/movable property;

if the beneficiary is the founder of the company - documents for the company, extracts from company accounts, tax returns, documents confirming the payment of dividends;

if the beneficiary is a private entrepreneur - extract from the register, tax returns on the entrepreneur, bank statements;

Certificate of deposit from the bank, as well as documents confirming the source of income;

other documents that show sources of income.

Account opening procedure

It is necessary to visit our office to fill out questionnaires, as well as provide the documents required to open an account. Further, the documents are sent to the bank and after approval, a meeting is agreed at the bank's office to sign the forms.

To open an account, a personal visit to the bank's head office in London is required.

Bank website

For further consultation concerning the terms of account opening in  Citi Bank (England) please contact our office. We will respond to any questions you may have and will help you open an account in English bank CITI or any other bank out of 70 foreign banks you may choose from.

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