Bank of America

Bank of America is the largest American Bank providing a wide range of financial services for both individuals and legal entities. Bank of America is the largest Bank holding company of America and according to Forbes magazine is the world's third largest company based on a composite ranking.

Bank of America has about 6 thousand units in the U.S. and more than 300 abroad. Clients of the Bank serves more than 280 thousand people and 16 thousand ATMs. The Bank is one of the symbols of the American value system, with its submission we use the voucher system and Visa cards.

Conditions for account opening, ask the lawyers in the Campio Group.

How to open an account at Bank of America?

For more detailed advice on the conditions for opening accounts with Bank of America (USA), please contact our office (Ukraine, Kyiv). We will answer all your questions and help you open an account with the American Bank of America (Bank of America) for a non-US resident remotely or one of more than 70 foreign banks to choose from.

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