Bank Alpinum AG (Liechtenstein)

Bank Alpinum was established in 2001 in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) by German and Swiss investors. Major shareholder of the bank is a family holding in Switzerland – Transinvest Group that was founded back in the 19th century. 

Currently the holding commences its activity in 35 countries in the world, and its long-stand history of existence provides evidence of the stability of the group.

The bank is a member of Liechtenstein Association of Bankers.


The cost of opening of the account (bank tariff)

Opening an account is 1000 CHF.

Bank account can be opened both remotely as well as through client's personal visit. The bank prefers a personal meeting with the client and after opening an account may insist on a visit to the bank.


Initial deposit is 10 000 EUR/USD/CFH.

This sum must be paid before the account to be opened. The bank withholds from this sum:

- 1000 EUR for opening an account;

- 5000 USD/EUR/CHF – minimum required balance. You cannot use this sum.

If you revoke the documents before opening the account, the bank will refund the initial deposit after deduction of the commission for reviewing the documents and the costs of delivery.

Representative offices


Management of the account

With the means of Internet-banking.

The bank sends the authentication codes of e-banking services by courier delivery. While entering e-banking, you receive the respective SMS.

Bank's tariffs

Account maintenance is 1500 CHF per year.

Closing account is 1500 CHF.



- incoming payments – 0,10%;

- outgoing payments – 0,10% (min 125 CHF).


Additional fee for the transfers to/from the high-risk countries: 

- incoming and outgoing  payments – 0,1% (min 100 CHF).


The outgoing payments in US dollars to the following countries are forbidden in the bank: Ukraine, Russia, as well as Afghanistan, Andorra, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Antilles, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Cuba, Cyprus, North Korea, Republic of the Congo, Gibraltar, Dominica, Grenada, Guernsey, Iran, Iraq, Isle of Man, Jersey, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Marshal Islands, Montserrat, Myanma, Nauru, Netherlands Antilles, Niue, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, Seychelles, Somalia, Soudan, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Syria, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uganda, US Virgin Islands, Vanuatu, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

Terms of opening the account

The procedure of opening the account starts with the preliminary stage, which includes the process of gathering and submitting documents required for opening an account. Term of the preliminary stage will depend precisely on you.

The procedure of consideration the documents and reaching the decision by bank regarding opening an account takes about 10 working days starting from the date when the documents and banking forms are submitted to the bank, as well as after making an initial deposit. 

Bank Alpinum follows KYC policy and reserves the right to request additional information or documents what may lead to account opening term exceeding, as well as refusing of account opening without reasons explanation.


Russian/English/German speaking.

Credit/debit cards

Visa, Mastercard.

Other bank’s products

Portfolio management services. 

Documents for opening an account

Forms for signing are provided in our office while the in-person meeting.

The documents shall be provided in the original or in the form of notarized copies. The bank may demand the documents to be apostilled depending on the jurisdiction of the company.  

The original documents due to submission to the bank will be returned after the opening of the account. Notarized copies of the documents are kept in the bank. The power of attorney (original or certified copy thereof) is to be kept in the bank as well.


Company’s documents – originals of all company’s statutory documents shall be provided.

In case from the date of the company’s incorporation more than one year has passed it is required to provide:

- the Certificate of Good Standing affixed with apostille;

- the Certificate of Incumbency affixed with apostille;

- the documents confirming the activities of the company:

business plan (a detailed description of business activities in English);

extracts from an account opened with another bank;

letters of recommendation;

templates of invoices;

templates of service contracts/agreements; 

organizational structure of the company;

the chart (description of outgoing and incoming payments).


Documents for the account holder:

- original and a copy of national passport certified by the notary;

- original and a copy of foreign passport certified by the notary;

- original of identification code (taxpayer number);

- curriculum vitae;

- original of bank reference;

- utility bill (for gas, electricity) no older than 3 months (to prove the place of residence).


Documents for the beneficiary:

- original of national passport;

- original of foreign passport (in case of its presence);

- original of identification code (taxpayer number);

- curriculum vitae;

- original of bank reference;

- utility bill (for gas, electricity) no older than 3 months (to prove the place of residence).


Documents for nominee director/shareholder/secretary (if nominee service is used):

- copy of passport (if the nominee director/secretary/shareholder is an individual);

- copy of Certificate of Incorporation under apostille, Memorandum and Articles of Association under apostille, Resolution of appointment of the director under apostille (if the director/shareholder/secretary is a legal entity). In case that from the date of company incorporation has passed more than one year, the Certificate of Good Standing under apostille is required.

The procedure of opening an account

Firstly, attorney and beneficiary will be asked to fill in the survey questionnaire in our office and to sign bank forms. After that, signed bank forms integrally with originals of company statutory documents we will send bank for making copy (originals will be returned). The bank reviews the documents after an initial deposit to be made.   

For further consultation concerning the terms of account opening in Bank Alpinum (Liechtenstein) please contact our office. We will respond to any questions you may have and will help you open an account in Bank Alpinum or any other bank out of 70 foreign banks you may choose from.

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