Mano Bankas (Lithuania)

Mano Bankas is a digital bank founded in Lithuania in 2019. The bank is focused on serving small and medium-sized businesses, offering a wide range of financial services, including bank accounts (current, deposit, and others), payments (domestic and international, including transfers SWIFT, SEPA, and TARGET2) and lending.

The bank offers its clients high-quality service, affordable prices and innovative technologies, and participates in a deposit guarantee system of up to 100 000 euros.

Mano Bankas has assets of 1.2 billion euros and a loan portfolio of 0.5 billion euros. The bank serves more than 10 thousand clients.


Account types

Personal and corporate business accounts (current and savings).


Accounts with ManoBankas are available to non-resident legal entities, except for offshore companies and countries under sanctions. The Bank strictly complies with all sanctions lists of persons.


It is allowed to serve high-risk activities such as casinos, gambling and financial companies, if there is a license. They don’t take cosmetics, dietary supplements, or pure dating to the opening. They can open accounts for advertising high-risk activities.


They accept payments in cryptocurrency only as an investment of their funds.


All bank accounts are direct and provide individual IBANs. The correspondent bank is located in England.

Cost of opening an account (bank tariff)

Cost of opening an account:

  • for resident companies – free of charge;
  • for non-resident companies – 500 EUR.


Compliance for non-residents:

  • client data verification – from 1000 EUR;
  • KYC check - from 1000 EUR.


Closing an account:

  • for resident companies – free of charge;
  • for non-resident companies – 100 EUR.
Representative offices


Account management

Through Internet banking.

Service tariffs

Account maintenance:

  • for resident companies – 5 EUR/month;
  • for non-resident companies – 70 EUR/month.


Fees are charged for maintaining balances in euros or other currencies. The amount of the commission depends on the size of the balance.


Tariffs for servicing high-risk activities are considered individually.


Incoming payments are only available in EUR, outgoing payments are possible in USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, PLN, CHF, DKK, SEK, NOK, EUR.

Term of account opening

The account opening process consists of two stages: the preparatory stage and the actual account opening stage.

The preparatory stage includes the collection and provision by the client of documents for opening an account. The duration of the preparatory stage depends directly on the client.

The process of reviewing documents by the bank and making a decision to open an account takes from 10 to 15 business days from sending the application to the bank.

Mano Bankas AB adheres to the principle of “know your client” and in each case reserves the right to require the client to provide any additional information or documents, which will entail an increase in the time frame for opening an account, and may also refuse to open an account without giving reasons.


Russian speaking, English speaking.

Credit/debit cards


Other banking products

Loans, deposits.

Documents for opening an account

Documents for the company - you must provide the originals of all statutory documents under an apostille. If more than 1 year has passed since the company was registered, a Certificate of Good Standing under an apostille and a Certificate of Incumbency under an apostille are required. In addition, you must also provide:

  • latest financial report
  • description of business interests in Lithuania (if any)
  • business plan
  • company ownership structure
  • license for high-risk activities


Documents for the account manager:

  • original internal passport;
  • original international passport (if available);
  • CV;
  • original bank recommendation;
  • original utility payment (for gas, electricity) no older than 3 months (to confirm the residence address).


Documents for the company's beneficiary:

- original internal passport;

- original international passport (if available);

- CV;

- original bank recommendation;

- original utility bill (for gas, electricity) no older than 3 months (to confirm residential address);

- documents confirming the source of income (welfare) of the beneficiary. It can be:

- a certificate from the place of employment indicating wages and a personal account statement showing the calculation of wages;

- tax returns;

- documents confirming receipt of inheritance;

- documents confirming receipt of funds as a gift, as well as their availability in accounts;

- documents confirming the sale of real estate/movable property;

- if the beneficiary is the founder of the company - documents for the company, statements of company accounts, tax returns, documents confirming the payment of dividends;

- if the beneficiary is a private entrepreneur - an extract from the register, tax returns for the entrepreneur, bank account statements;

- a certificate from the bank confirming the presence of a deposit, as well as documents confirming the source of receipt of these funds;

- other documents showing sources of income.


Documents for the nominee manager, shareholder and secretary (when the company uses the nominee service):

  • binding of documents under an apostille, including copies of: passport, utility bill receipts no more than 3 months old and bank recommendation (if the nominee director, shareholder and secretary are an individual);
  • binding of the company’s statutory documents under an apostille, including: Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association, protocol on the appointment of a director (if the director is a legal entity). You may also need a Certificate of Good Standing under an apostille, a Certificate of Incumbency under an apostille, and documents for the director: binding of documents under an apostille, including a copy of the passport, a utility bill receipt no more than 3 months old, and a bank recommendation.


Important, apostille of documents is required only if the register of companies in the country of registration is closed! All the documents must be in Lithuanian or English.

Account opening procedure

The opening procedure is completely remote. Our lawyers will help you collect all the necessary documents and send them to bank managers for review.

For more detailed advice on the conditions for opening accounts in Mano Bankas (Lithuania), please contact us at the office. We will answer all your questions and help you open an account in the Lithuanian Mano Bankas or one of more than 70 foreign banks to choose from.

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