Transfer of a company for legal administration (change of agent)

Registration of a foreign company usually goes through specialized lawyers and a registered agent. How, where and by whom your future business will be incorporated is a rather important issue for the company's further reputation. That is why, sometimes situations arise in which an immediate change of the service company or foreign registration agent is required.

Photo 1 - Transfer of a company for legal administration (change of agent)


The Campio Group team has been working in the international legal market for over 15 years. During this time we have established ourselves as responsible and qualified lawyers. Our activity is based on such principles as:

  • work only with trusted partners, banks and agents around the world;
  • observance of the maximum possible confidentiality of clients;
  • no hidden fees and commissions;
  • an individual approach to each client and his business;
  • free initial consultations;
  • work for the result and in the shortest possible time.


Our lawyers with more than 15 years of experience in supporting foreign companies will help revive your business and provide high-quality support for the company in the future.


Transferring the company to another legal administration is necessary if one of the following reasons suits you:

  • significant increase in the cost of service;
  • the administrating company ceases to operate;
  • your goals and objectives have not been achieved;
  • the agent does not perform his tasks efficiently or not on time;
  • a transfer of the company to another jurisdiction is required;
  • you are denied service;
  • confidential data has been declassified;
  • constant contact with the service company is not provided.
Photo 2 - Transfer of a company for legal administration (change of agent)


The implementation of the transfer of a foreign company to our legal administration takes place according to the following stages:

  • Providing all documents for the company.
  • Analysis of documents, ownership structure, scheme of activities and jurisdiction.
  • Communication with the previous administrating company.
  • Preparation and approval of conditions for further work in the company.
  • Replacement of the registered agent, address, ownership structure, change of jurisdiction of the company (if necessary).
  • Further work on legal services for the company.


Other steps may be included depending on the jurisdiction, ownership structure, nominee service, and registration address. The final change scheme is negotiated individually, depending on your wishes and goals.

In order to avoid the question of how to find professional lawyers or to whom to entrust the support of your business in the future, we advise you to immediately contact only trusted and experienced companies. If, already now, the work of your agent or service company is unsatisfactory, you can use the service - transfer of a foreign company for service to Campio group.

If you need professional consulting and legal assistance, please contact the Campio group specialists:

+38 (098) 737-88-88

We will help you transfer a foreign company to our service and provide favorable conditions for further cooperation.

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