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Campio Group offers a full range of services with regard to keeping in good standing and maintaining companies registered in various jurisdictions:

  1. Nominee service;
  2. Drafting agreements;
  3. Registration of loan agreements;
  4. Registration of foreign branch offices;
  5. Tax advice;
  6. Inheritance of offshore and other foreign companies;
  7. Accountancy and audit;
  8. Obtaining certificates and statements;
  9. Obtaining business licenses;

1. Nominee service

We offer full nominee service – nominee directors as well as nominee shareholders.

2. Drafting agreements

Our experienced lawyers will draft and prepare all necessary documents and will help you build relationships with partners even under strict deadlines.

3. Registration of loan agreements

Campio Group will help you prepare a loan agreement between a resident and a non-resident, as well as register such agreement in Ukraine or abroad with the competent authorities if necessary. Registration procedure.

4. Registration of foreign branch offices

We will assist you with registering a representative office, branch office of a foreign company in Ukraine and in other jurisdictions. Read more.

5. Tax advice

Campio Group offers professional advice on a wide variety of issues with regard to international aspects of tax law, civil, business, administrative, employment law, etc. Our lawyers will consult you on various aspects of accountancy and bookkeeping.

6. Inheritance of offshore and onshore foreign companies

A professionally managed transfer of the business as a whole, part of it, or just specific assets in form of inheritance, providing protection of wealth for the owner from competitors who act not in good faith. Read more.

7. Accountancy and audit

Our accountancy services include one-time consultations regarding tax reporting and bookkeeping, as well as full preparation of accounts for your company, be that a ‘dormant account’, interim accounts or full financial statements.

8. Obtaining certificates and statements

We will assist you in obtaining various certificates and statements:

Certificate of incorporation is issued when a company is incorporated. It contains date of registration, company name, its registration number.

Certificate of shareholder contains information about shareholders of the company. Some jurisdictions do not issue this type of Certificate and limit themselves to merely issuing Share certificates, which indicate shareholder’s name and the amount of shares he owns.

Certificate of Good Standing proves that the company in question is active, that it has paid taxes and submitted all obligatory reports and that it does not carry out any illegal activities.

Certificate of dissolution is the official proof of dissolution of a company.

Certificate of Incumbency indicates company name, date of registration and registered address. A Certificate from the Single State Registry includes company registered address, directors and shareholders.

VAT, Value Added Tax is levied on the price margin of goods or services sold or purchased from another company.

9. Obtaining business licenses

Campio Group assists in obtaining various business licenses for offshore and other foreign companies.