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Companies, registered in EU Member States and the U.S. are prestigious to work with. Moreover, a lot of businesses from Eastern Europe are now entering the American and European markets. Registering companies in these jurisdictions have advantages as well as disadvantages, which should be taken into account.

EU companies are valued for their prestige. By owning a company, registered in one of the EU Member States its shareholders and directors may easily obtain EU residence permits, acquire property, receive a loan, etc.

It is worth mentioning that companies registered in the EU are not fully exempted from tax and in many cases the applicable corporate tax rate may be very high, as opposed to offshore jurisdictions. European companies are also required to file audited annual financial statements.

We will help you choose the right jurisdiction and draft a scheme for tax minimization.

As for the companies registered in the US, they are no less popular than those registered in EU. This is due to the country’s high economic rank, zero-rate corporate tax for LLCs, simple registration procedure, no paid-up capital requirements, as well as the limited liability for shareholders. If the shareholders of an American LLC are non-residents they are not liable for tax in the US. Also, such US companies, as opposed to EU companies, are not obligated to submit financial statements to the federal authorities. It is important to note that corporate law as well as taxation depends on the state of registration.

We usually recommend US non-residents to incorporate in such states as Nevada, Delaware and Wyoming.

These states do net levy corporate income tax as well as sales tax from an LLC if the company receives its income from outside of these states. Delaware does not apply sales tax at all.

Jursidictions for incorporation companies: