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By providing legal services in many different countries our lawyers have the experience to provide quality legal opinions on foreign legislation, basing their answers not on theory but on practice. Our lawyers will assist with choosing the most appropriate and efficient way of saving your capital and will advise on peculiarities of international law.

Advisory service:

Our consultations can be in form of a one-time written legal opinion with hourly remuneration or in form of continuous consultations on various issues under a long-term agreement from one to twelve months. Consultations may be provided via phone, email or in our office.

Consultations may be either in verbal or written form. In order to receive a written legal opinion it is necessary to send the question by fax or email. 

Continuous legal service by subscription:

Our company offers continuous legal services by subscription to various businesses. Such service implies proving a full range of legal services for your business for a fixed monthly payment which is negotiated individually with regard to client’s needs.

Continuous legal service by subscription can be provided for a minimum of 3 months. By utilizing this service the clients receives an outsourced experienced legal staff, which specializes in various spheres of Ukrainian, Russian and other foreign legislation. Consultations are provided via phone, email, fax, meeting in person.

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