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Sometimes we all encounter situations in our everyday life and business setting when we need to defend ourselves and our rights by means of versatile legislation. But most of the time one would not know how exactly to do it so that no laws are breached and no liability is incurred.

With respect to the abovementioned Campio Group’s Ukrainian Law Department will provide legal consultations in the form of:

  • Verbal or online legal consultation;
  • Written legal summary.

Spheres of law we specialize in:

1. Business law (analysis and drafting agreements; legal advice on financial and commercial activity of companies; advice regarding registration, reorganization and winding up of companies; fine-drafting of business schemes for companies, etc).

2. Civil law (consultations regarding conclusion, alternation or cancellation of contracts; finding agreements null and void; issues regarding private property, inheritance, disputes, compensation arising from pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage, legal assistance with automobile accidents, etc).

3. Tax law (advice regarding tax optimization, finding tax acts unlawful, appealing illegal actions of officials when conducting tax inspections, etc).

4. Labor law (advice on workers dismissal, hiring, disputes, salary payments, etc).

5. Consumer protection (sale/purchase of goods of unduly quality, providing services of unduly quality, etc).