Obtaining individual licenses from the National Bank of Ukraine

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An individual NBU license is a document that allows a citizen of Ukraine to conduct some foreign exchange transactions outside the country.

To date, individual NBU licenses for currency transactions of residents have been cancelled. In order to invest abroad, buy overseas real estate or invest in securities of international companies, there is now a system of electronic limits. Using e-limits, you can transfer money abroad or to current accounts of non-residents - legal entities opened in Ukraine, within the following amounts:

- for legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs - up to 2 million euros per year;

- for individuals - up to 200 thousand euros per year.

To carry out foreign exchange transactions, a resident must apply to his servicing bank with all the documents confirming the legality and economic feasibility of the transaction. If the annual limit is not reached, the bank will carry out the operation and notify the NBU about it. As soon as the resident exhausts the annual limit, the opportunity to carry out foreign exchange transactions in the current year is suspended for him.

So, obtaining an individual license from the NBU is no longer required, and the implementation of foreign exchange transactions abroad is regulated by the NBU Resolution No. 5 of 01/02/2019 "On Approval of the Regulations on Protection Measures and Determining the Procedure for Performing Certain Actions in Foreign Currency".