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Today often visiting Europe sometimes for a quite long period is a usual practice for businessmen who have non resident company. Many people having visited Europe decide to stay there for a long period or they desire to see all Europe without any restrictions. But, alas, if not as a restriction, the difficulty in obtaining the rights to long-term stay in Europe, and especially to the free movement in the Schengen countries are known to all.

Residence permit has much more advantages than multi visa.

The main advantages are:

  • granting with the right to work in the country;
  • right to free, unlimited travel in the Schengen zone;
  • access to credit;
  • buying real estate and other facilities;
  • buying and registering a vehicle;
  • the possibility of obtaining permanent residence after a while.

And other equally significant benefits.

Our company is ready to assist you in obtaining a residence permit, namely to prepare and collect all the necessary documents, as well as to carry out all necessary consultations, thereby pre-prepare you for the interview at the embassy.

At your service:

A residence permit in Latvia.

A residence permit in Estonia.