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Tallinn Business Bank (Estonia)

Being established in 1991 Tallinn Business Bank nowadays is one of the oldest commercial bank in the Republic of Estonia. Its shares are held by legal entities and private persons with the main office in Tallinn. The main emphasis of its activity bank put on the operations with individuals, small and medium business.

 Tallinn Business Bank takes up a position in the members’ list of payment system MasterCard International. The variety of services offered by bank contains the majority popular at the present moment financial and banking operations. 


Types of bank accounts

Personal, corporate (all accounts are multicurrency).


The bank does not open accounts for the legal entities registered in the following jurisdictions: British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Belize, Panama and Marshall Islands.


While opening the account a client shall show his connection with Estonia (indicate Estonian contractors/partners, employment on the territory of Estonia or operation with the Estonian banks, etc.). 

The cost of opening of the account (bank tariff)

For corporate entities, registered in EU – 300 EUR.

For corporate entities, registered in other countries – 400 EUR.

For natural persons – 100 EUR.


The minimum balance for companies registered in EU  500 EUR.

The minimum balance for companies registered in other countries – 700 EUR.

All amounts are being transferred from the account immediately after it is opened for the «input».

Representative offices 

Bank possesses an extensive agents’ network throughout the world.

Management of the account

Via free of charge software – Internet Bank.

Bank’s tariffs

Account maintenance for natural persons – 50 EUR per year.

Account maintenance for corporate entities – 250-350 EUR per year (sum depends on the country of company registration).


Incoming transfers (EUR):

- the payment does not meet the criteria for SEPA-payment:

up to 50 000 EUR – free of charge;

more than 50 000 EUR – 6 EUR.


Incoming transfers (other currencies) – 8 EUR.


Outcoming transfers (EUR and other currencies):

- standard – 30 EUR;

- urgent – 43 EUR;

- express – 59,50 EUR.


Outcoming intrabank transfers (other currencies) – 5 EUR.


More detailed information concerning tariffs can be found on the website of the bank. 

Terms of opening the account 

The preliminary stage includes the process of gathering and filing your documents, which are required for opening an account; preparing and signing bank forms; sending documents with the courier service to the main bank office. Term of the preliminary stage will depends precisely on you.

The procedure of consideration the documents and reaching the decision by bank regarding opening an account varies from 7 to 10 working days starting from delivery of the bank forms and documents to the main office of the bank.

Tallinn Business Bank follows the «know your client» principle and therefore you may be requested to provide any additional information or documents concerning the procedure of opening the account that may take additional time. Bank also may refuse to open the account without any explanations.


Russian speaking.

Credit/debit cards


Other bank's products

Crediting, deposits, funds, safes.

Documents for opening an account

Forms for signing are provided in our office.


Company’s documents – originals of all company’s statutory documents need to be provided. In case that from the date of company incorporation has passed more than one year, the Certificate of Good Standing with apostil is required.


Documents for the account holder:

- original of national passport;
- original of foreign passport (without its presence it will be impossible to open an account).

Documents for the beneficiary:

- original of national passport;
- original of foreign passport (without its presence it will be impossible to open an account).
Also, 2 documents as minimum from the list below are required:
- CV;
- proof of employment;
- if beneficiary holds a resident company, the Certificate of Incorporation and Article of Association of the company are required;
- document confirming the educational level;
- bank reference and statement from the beneficiary account;
- proof of inheritance;
- proof of owning real estate.

Documents for the nominal director/shareholder/secretary (while using nominee service):

- copy of the passport (in case that nominal director/secretary/shareholder is natural person);
- copy of the Certificate of Incorporation affixed with apostille, Memorandum and Article of Association affixed with apostille, protocol of appointing a director with apostille (if the director/shareholder/secretary – a legal entity). In case that from the date of company incorporation has passed more than one year, the Certificate of Good Standing with apostil is required.

The procedure of opening an account

You need to fill in survey questionnaire, which is emailed on your address. Upon this survey, bank will decide regarding the opening of a bank account. If the decision is positive, we will organize meeting for attorney/beneficiary with a bank representative in Kyiv.

Bank site


For further consultation concerning the terms of account opening in Tallinn Business Bank (Estonia) please contact our office. We will respond to any questions you may have and will help you open an account in Estonian Tallinn Business Bank or any other bank out of 70 foreign banks you may choose from.