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LGT Group (Austria)

As the company managing the assets of Princely Family of Liechtenstein LGT Group has a significant experience in family assets management. On the basis of this experience the bank elaborates and implements individual approaches for each client.

Simple and constant family ownership structure of LGT Group allows building a long-term strategy and making independent and quick decisions at the same time.

LGT Group is a unique bank for its balanced structure, high liquidity and considerable assets. The bank possesses its own assets in the amount which is much higher than required by the legislation. This reflects the financial reliability even in international context.


Types of accounts    


Corporate (individual), saving accounts. The account can not be used as the transactional.

Cost for account opening (bank fee) 


Minimum initial deposit – the bank expects the client accumulating not less than 500 000 euro on the bank account within a year. But within the first three months the minimum amounts of 300 000 EUR should be reached.

Minimum remaining balance - 500 000 EUR. This amount in fact is not blocking and the client has always the right to use it at his discretion.

Representative Offices

There are no representative offices of LGT Group in the CIS countries.

Managing your account

You can check your account via Internet. Any other transactions can be performed personally through bank manager in Vienna or by phone, fax.

Maintenance of the account

Обслуживание расчетного счета – 240 EUR в год.
Стоимость исходящего платежа

До 100 000 EUR – 100 EUR.

До 1 000 000 EUR – 500 EUR.

До 5 000 000 EUR – 750 EUR.

Свыше 5 000 000 EUR – 1500 EUR.

Time you need to open the account

The process of account opening consists of the preparatory period and the account opening itself.

The duration of the preparatory period depends directly on You. Our clients have to gather and present all the documents necessary to open the account.

The Bank examines the documents and forms and passes the decision on account opening. This process takes about 2 weeks following the date when the documents are delivered to the Bank Head office.



Russian-speaking, English-speaking.

Credit/debit cards

VISA: Classic & Gold, MasterCard: Classic & Gold, Platinum and other cards upon request. 

Other bank services

Bank and financial services including services for private and corporate clients, private-banking, assets management, investment activity.

Documents necessary to open the account

Forms to be signed

Campio Group will provide you with all the forms necessary to open the account in its office personally.

Documents necessary for the company.

It is required the originals of all corporate documents as well as Certificate of Incumbency under apostile not older than 3 months and signed Resolution by Nominee Director according to bank form, which gives the right to the beneficial owner to open, manage and close bank account. If from the date of incorporation more that half an year passed, the Certificate of Good Standing under apostile is also required.

Documents necessary for the account holder:

  • original of internal passport;
  • original of foreign passport (in the presence of);
  • place of employment inquiry;
  • in case the account holder possesses a resident company the Articles of Registration and Memorandum are required.

Documents necessary for company’s beneficiary:

  • original of internal passport;
  • original of foreign passport (in the presence of);

At the least 2 documents from the list below will be required:

  • in case the beneficiary possesses a resident company the Articles of Registration and Memorandum have to be presented;
  • education certificate;
  • beneficiary’s account statement;
  • inheritance certificate;
  • bank reference.

LGT Group adheres to the “know your client” principle and thus you may be requested any additional information or documents. Bank also may refuse to open the account without any explanations.  


To start the procedure off

To start things off you have to fill the questionnaire. Our company will send you the questionnaire via e-mail. After you send the filled questionnaire back our lawyers prepare the necessary forms which have to be signed in the presence of Bank manager either in our office or Bank Office in Vienna.

After all the necessary forms and documents are signed and verified the Bank activates the account. After your account is activated You will receive the security information by e-mail.