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Latvijas Pasta Banka (Latvia)

Latvijas Pasta Banka launched performance of banking activity in 2008, after obtaining a license of Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia. Starting from February 2012, bank have cooperated with the U.S. brokerage company Interactive Brokers LLC, providing its customers with easy access to the most progressive financial instruments.

The main advantage of Latvijas Pasta Banka is individual approach to the service and privacy, multicurrency accounts with the possibility to use electronic remote management system. 


Types of bank acccount

Personal, corporate (all accounts are multicurrency).

The cost of opening of the account (bank tariff)

For legal entities – 200 EUR.

For natural persons – 150 EUR. 

The bank’s fee is withdrawn after the first receipt of money onto the account. Account management is possible only after receipt of the initial payment addressed for the accepted account.


The bank provides the opportunity of express account opening (during 48 hours since the whole set of required documents has been submitted to the bank).

The additional price for express account opening for legal entities and natural persons is 350 EUR.


Minimum balance at the account:

- for legal entities – 115 EUR;

- for natural persons – 70 EUR.


Since October 2016 the bank has been accepting for consideration the documents for opening an account only upon contributing a banking fee for account opening to the reserved banking account (including a fee for issuing identifying device and other ordered banking services).


Since the 1st of January 2017 the bank hasn’t been accepting for review the new offshore companies registered less than a year ago in the following jurisdictions 

Representative offices 

Russia: Moscow.

Management of the account

Internet banking through Digi Pass.

Bank’s tariffs

Account maintenance for natural person – free of charge.

Account maintenance for legal entities:

- active account – 15 EUR per month;

- an account where any transactions happened more than 6 months and any deposit agreement has been concluded with the bank – 50 EUR per month.


Transfers (USD):

- standard – 45 USD;

- urgent – 65 USD;

- express – 85 USD.


Transfers (EUR):

- standard – 30 EUR;

- urgent – 40 EUR;

- express – 55 EUR.


More detailed information concerning tariffs can be found on the website of the bank.

Terms of opening the account 

The procedure of opening the account consists of preliminary stage and final stage.

The preliminary stage includes the process of gathering and filing your documents which are required for opening an account; preparing of the bank forms and their signing are available at the meeting in person with the manager of the bank in Kiev; sending documents with the courier service to the main bank office. Term of the preliminary stage will depends precisely on you.

The procedure of consideration the documents and reaching the decision by bank regarding opening an account takes from 10 to 20 working days starting from the date when the documents and forms are submitted to the main bank office.

Latvijas Pasta Banka has a rule of KYC policy and reserves the right to require additional documents what may lead to account opening term exceeding, as well as refusing of account opening without reasons explanation.


Russian/English speaking.

Credit/debit cards

MasterCard and virtual card Latvijas Pasta Banka.

Other bank's products

Crediting, fiduciary services, trade finance, safes.

Documents for opening an account

Forms for signing – the signing of the forms shall be in the presence of the manager of the bank. The meeting could be organized either in our office and or in the office of your company.


Company’s documents – originals of all company’s statutory documents need to be provided. In case that from the date of company incorporation has passed more than one year, the Certificate of Good Standing under apostil is required.

At the time of the renewal of the Power of Attorney a new Power of Attorney shall be provided to the bank along with the document certifying signing authority of the director who had signed the Power of Attorney. In case the director is an individual, there is a requirement to provide the Certificate of Incumbency under apostille for the company upon which the Power of Attorney had been issued. In case the director is a legal entity, the Certificate of Incumbency under apostille for that legal entity shall be presented in order to confirm that individual director has the authority to sign on behalf of that company.


Documents for the account holder:

- original of national passport;

- original of foreign passport (in case of presence of it).


Documents for the beneficiary:

- original of national passport;

- original of foreign passport (in case of presence of it).

Also, 2 documents as minimum from the list below are required:

- proof of employment;

- if beneficiary holds a resident company, the Certificate of Incorporation and Article of Association of the company are required;

- Certificate of graduation;

- bank statement from the beneficiary’s account;

- proof of acceptance of the inherited property;

- bank reference letter.

The procedure of opening an account

You need to visit our office in order to fill in the survey questionnaire, thereafter we shall prepare the bank forms and agree with the manager of the bank upon time and date for their signing in his presence. The signing could be performed either in our office or in the office of your company.

The requisites of the bank account might be available before factual acceptance (opening) of the client’s account.          

Bank site

For further consultation concerning the terms of account opening in Latvijas Pasta Banka (Latvia) please contact our office. We will respond to any questions you may have and will help you open an account in Latvian Latvijas Pasta Banka or any other bank out of 70 foreign banks you may choose from.