Crèdit Andorrà S.A. (Andorra)

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Crèdit Andorrà S.A. (Andorra)

Crèdit Andorrà is Andorra’s leading financial group established in 1949. Nowadays Bank provides for a wide range of financial products and services to the clients in counties across Europe, North and South America. Crèdit Andorrà operates in the spheres of Private Banking, Banking for Individuals and Companies, and also launches a wide range of social initiatives aimed at contributing to social progress.


Crèdit Andorrà conducts its business primarily in the Principality of Andorra. However, in recent years the Bank has experienced a period of expansion that has led Crèdit Andorrà Group to greater international presence. The Group is currently presented in Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United States, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.


As a financial institution Crèdit Andorrà has two basic lines of business: Private Banking and Commercial Banking, the latter being divided into Banking for Companies and Banking for Individuals.


Types of accounts    


Private, corporate accounts.


Cost for account opening (bank fee) 


You can open the account free of charge.


The minimum installment is 3000 EUR.

The minimum balance is 1000 EUR.


Representative Offices

Representative offices are absent.


Managing your account

Via phone, fax, Internet banking, e-mail.


Bank tariffs

Account maintenance tariffs.


For physical persons and legal entities: 140 EUR quarterly.


Time you need to open the account

The process of account opening consists of the preparatory period and the account opening itself.


The preparatory period consists of gathering and presentation of the necessary documents by the client. The duration of this preparatory period depends directly on you.


The Bank examines the documents and forms and passes the decision on account opening. This process takes from 4 to 6 weeks following the date of meeting with bank manager.


Crèdit Andorrà adheres to the “know your client” principle and thus you may be requested any additional information or documents. This may extend the process of the account opening. Bank also may refuse to open the account without any explanations.  




English-speaking and Russian-speaking.


Credit/debit cards


Credit and debit cards are issued during 2-3 working days following the date of account opening. They can be sent to you via mail.


Other bank services

Crediting, fiducial services, documentary operations, safes, purchase of gold.


Documents necessary to open the account

Forms to be signed

All forms are available at the Bank Head Office during face-to-face meeting.


Documents necessary for the company**.

  • Originals and copies of all statutory documents with apostile;
  • Certificate of Good Standing in case the company was registered more than one year ago.


Documents necessary for the account holder:

  • original of internal passport;
  • original of foreign passport**;
  • original of reference from the bank where the account holder has the account no longer than 3 months.*


Documents necessary for the beneficiary:

  • original of internal passport;
  • original of foreign passport**;
  • original of reference from the bank where the account holder has the account no longer than 3 months.*

* In the case the reference is issued in language other than English dully notarized English translation is required.


** Bank may also request the translation of your passport into Spanish by a juror translator.


Documents necessary for nominee director, shareholder and secretary in case the company uses the nominee service:

  • apostiled set of documents including copies of passport, utility bill no older than 3 months and bank reference (in case the nominee director, shareholder and secretary  are physical persons);
  • apostiled set of statutory documents including Certificate of Incorporation, memorandum and Articles of Association, Minutes of Director’s Appointment  (in case the director is a legal entity).

You may be also requested the set of documents for this director under apostile including: copies of passport, utility bill no older than 3 months and bank reference.


To start the procedure off

You have to present us a business plan including:

  • the description of company’s activity;
  • reasons you want to open the account in Andorra;
  • ways of company’s management and financing;
  • name of the country where the company performs its main activity;
  • expected monthly volume of transaction, incoming and outgoing payments;
  • list of contractors.

The account holder/beneficiary has to meet with a bank manager at Bank Head Office. The interview will be held in English thus the account holder/beneficiary has to use the interpreter in case he/she doesn’t speak English.