Banco Panameno de la Vivienda (Panama)

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Banco Panameno de la Vivienda (Panama)

Banco Panameño de la Vivienda (Banvivienda) is a member of Panamanian financial group Grupo Mundial Tenedora, which was established in 1981.

Banco Panameño de la Vivienda offers a vast variety of banking products and services to companies and individuals, including private banking services. This list includes storage savings, current accounts maintenance, debit and credit cards, mortgages, auto loan financing, deposit with fixed period, factoring, financial consulting, etc. Strong accent Banco Panameño de la Vivienda puts on the ensuring high-quality service and the introducing the advanced technologies in the workflow.


Account types

Personal, corporate.

Price of opening the account

(bank tariff )

The procedure of opening an account is free of charge

Representative offices 

US: San Francisco

Chile: Santiago


Account Management


Via Internet banking and telephone (solely Spanish).

Minimal deposit


Bank Tariffs

Tariffs depend on the turnover and average monthly balances on the account.

Determined individually.

Terms of opening the account 

The procedure of opening starts with the preliminary stage which  includes the process of gathering and filing your documents which are required for opening an account; preparing and filling out bank forms; sending documents with the courier service to the main Bank office. Term of the preliminary stage will depends precisely on the client.

The procedure of consideration the documents and reaching the decision by bank staff regarding opening an account takes from 20 to 30 working days starting from the date when the document and forms are submitted to the main Bank office.

Bank follows the “know your client” principle and therefore you may be requested to provide any additional information or documents concerning the procedure of opening the account that may take additional time. Bank also may refuse to open the account without any explanations.



English – speaking

Credit/debit cards


Local ATM card

Additional banking products


Deposits, Credits, Safekeeping,  Trusts,  Investments

Documents required for opening an account

Forms for signature are provided at the Campio Group office



The documents required for  the company

-         Certificate of incorporation

-         Memorandum and Article of Association

-         Minutes of the director designation

-         Share certificate

-         Power of Attorney

-         Certificate of Good-Standing (In case that from the date of company incorporation has passed more than one year)


Documents for account holder/ beneficiary/ director and shareholder


1. notarized copy of passport mentioned in a power of attorney (Ukrainian passport  data must be translated into English and notarized);

2. notarized translation of utility bill no older than 3 months;

  • 3. original of bank reference no older than 3 months from the bank where the attorney - has Bank account  shall be in English or with notarized translation into English, confirming that you cooperate with the bank at least for 2 years and the bank recommends you as a reliable partner.
  • 4. In case such bank reference can not be obtained, alternatively, the recommendation letter from an attorney on the attorney’s letterhead printed in English and certified by the professional attorney signed and sealed may be presented.

Providing that you open an account for a company with nominee service Campio Group, only documents for the account holder and the beneficiary will be required.


The procedure of opening the account

Visit of the Campio Group office to fill the survey questionnaire and filling bank forms.