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Constant changes and restrictions on our already imperfect legislation are force businesses to look for the ways to reduce the tax burden, as well as the ways to facilitate business. One of such methods is to transfer the business or part of it in the offshore world. This enables comfortable handling of business, provides ability to work in the international markets without thinking about taxes, fees, and at the same time, it is automatically taking advantage of the tax systems of other countries.

Campio Group offers you opportunity to optimize business processes by registration offshore company in one of the offshore countries. Our most popular jurisdictions:


Classic offshores  is primarily a country (or territory), whose legislation allows the use of tax or other benefits to non-resident companies.

Non-resident companies that do not conduct business in the following countries:

1. Do not taxed.

2. Do not need to provide financial statement and to be audited.

In most of these countries, the legislation allows the use of so-called «trust management» and «nominal service». In this case, when buying offshore, official shareholders and directors of the company are residents of offshore countries, they are also indicated in all public registries and tax bases. Information about the real owners (beneficiaries) and head of the company is hidden, is not transferred to the State Registers and find it out is impossible even per official request.

All that distinguishes the classic offshore  from other jurisdictions in which is mostly used either preferential taxation or non-resident companies are taxed at a lower tax rate under certain conditions and requirements.

If you are planning to register offshore need to know that UKHong KongCyprusMalta, and many other countries in which the tax system operates loyal to the government are very often being considered as offshore jurisdictions because when you open an offshore such countries facilitate the use of non-resident companies. In fact, these countries are not classic offshore. For list of such jurisdictions and details on how to register the foreign companies in the non- classical offshore countries see Incorporation of companies in EU, US and other countries.

A list of all jurisdictions in which you can buy ready-made offshore or open an offshore company can be viewed in All jurisdictions.


In-service Campio Group on offshore includes:

1. Opening an offshore company.

2. Sale of ready-made offshore (offshore companies).


The procedure includes:

• Identify the goals and objectives of an offshore company and making a choice of appropriate jurisdiction.

• Selection of the company name.

• Appointment of directors and shareholders of your company or our «nominal» (using nominee service).

• The official registration of offshore companies with entering data into the Register and  apostilling the documents.

• Receiving the documents by the client in the office of Campio Group.

Terms of registration of the company in the offshore zone depends on jurisdiction and can vary from 10 to 30 days.

From this point on, you can enjoy all the benefits of offshore companies.


Campio Group also offers the opportunity to buy a ready-made company. This is beneficial in terms of saving time, because you can manage offshore ready on the day of purchase. This requires only the original internal and foreign passport.

List of offshore companies are ready for any of the offshore jurisdictions you can always be obtained by contacting our office.

Answers to common questions about how to open an offshore company, you will find in the FAQ.

For more advice on the registration of offshore companies or buying ready-made offshore, contact the office Campio Group where experts will answer all questions you may have upon opening an offshore.