Registration of companies and branches

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One of the main services Campio Group provides is registration of companies, branches, other legal entities as well as sale of already incorporated firms.

In order to register a company all you have to do is come up with a name and come to the office of Campio Group with your passport. Everything else will be handled by us.

Most common types of entities Campio Group registers include:
  • Limited liability company;
  • Public Joint Stock Company;
  • Private Joint Stock Company;
  • Private enterprise;
  • Subsidiaries;
  • Non-governmental organizations;
  • Charity organizations;
  • General company;
  • Limited partnerships;
  • Additional liability companies;
  • Financial companies;
  • Gardening associations;
  • Registration of individual entrepreneurs;
Standard set of services regarding company incorporation:
  • preparation of necessary registration and founding documents;
  • company registration with government authorities;
  • registration with tax inspection;
  • registration with the Statistics Department;
  • registration with the State Pension Fund and the Funds of Social Insurance;
  • permission to own seal, manufacturing a seal. 
Additional services:
  • providing legal registered address;
  • opening a current bank account;
  • obtaining licenses. 
Campio Group also provides services in connection with re-registration and effecting alterations in the corporate documents of companies:
  • changing types of business activity;
  • changing authorized share capital (decreasing or increasing);
  • changing composition of company shareholders (of both private and public companies);
  • changing company name, appointing directors, reviewing division of company shares;
  • changing company’s Articles of Association;
  • changing company’s registered address;
  • changing organization’s name;
  • changing organization’s legal form, etc.