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Campio Group offers the full range of legal services for your company through subscription for full legal assistance for your business.

Continuous legal service by subscription is an all-inclusive legal assistance for your company’s business activity.

Continuous all-inclusive legal service may serve for:
  • Companies with no in-house legal department
  • Companies whose lawyers lack legal expertise
  • Companies whose legal department does not cope with its tasks
Advantages of continuous legal service:
  • Fixed subscription fee.
  • Wide and profound legal experience of our lawyers.
  • Depending on the task you will have from one lawyer, to the whole legal department working to solve your company’s issues.
  • Guaranteed timely and qualified legal assistance.
  • The monthly subscription fee is considerably lower than a lawyer’s monthly salary.
  • No staff maintenance expenses (work place, salary, taxes, etc.) with no harm to functionality.
  • Legal and consultancy expenses are deductible for tax purposes, while salary of in-house lawyers is itself subject to tax.
Continuous legal service by subscription may include:
  • Verbal consults.
  • Written legal conclusions.
  • Contract drafting and analysis.
  • Preparing letters to state bodies and counterparties.
  • Representation of the client at negotiations with third parties.
  • Preparing and filing claims and lawsuits.
  • Drafting internal corporate documents: orders, resolutions, statements, instructions, etc.
  • Drafting local regulatory norms.
  • Registration of legal persons (limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, sole proprietors, representative offices, etc.)
  • Representation in courts (economic, civil, administrative).
  • Drafting procedural company documents, etc.
Terms of continuous legal service by subscription is discussed in detail in every separate case depending on client’s needs and complexity of assistance.