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Wording in contracts is extremely important, sometimes even punctuation may change the meaning of otherwise an unambiguous sentence.

    It is a straight way to financial loss to sign an agreement without its prior examination by a qualified lawyer.

    Campio Group provides following services in the sphere of contract law:
    • drafting of agreements, which could be used afterwards as patterns for future contracts;
    • contract analysis (of agreements that are already in force, or of those that are proposed by the counterparty) to define risks and legality. Legal analysis may be performed in a way of written conclusion with recommendations on possible alterations and references to appropriate legal norms. We can also present a fully reedited agreement as to the business interests of the client;
    • drafting of agreements for a specific transaction, including putting together economically efficient transaction schemes with risk minimization.
    Most common types of agreements we encounter with:
    • Agency contract.
    • Rent agreements for non-residential premises, assets and vehicles.
    • License agreement.
    • Service contract.
    • Deed of gift.
    • Trust agreement.
    • Loan agreement.
    • Commission agreement.
    • Concession agreement.
    • Barter contract.
    • Cooperation agreement.
    • Contract of carriage.
    • Contractor’s agreement.
    • Supply agreement.
    • Insurance agreement.
    • Custody contract.
    • Contract of free use.
    • Commercial credit contract.
    • Sales agreement.
    • Contract of pledge.
    • Contract of guarantee.
    • Cession agreement.
    • Debt transfer agreement.
    • Copyright registration.
    • Work contract.
    • Founding documents.
    • Agreement of advance payment.
    • Other types of agreements.